We offer intelligent, custom and purpose-built software designed to grow your business...

We don't just want to be your software vendor, we want to be a partner, providing you with complete IT solutions. From PC's to custom software, to an on-line presence for your business, we've got you covered.

Who We Are

Our Mission: To Deliver "Best Fit" Technology Based Business Solutions with Superior Service.

A Brief History

Founded in 1974 the company started out as a service organization before becoming a full service system supplier to the automotive after-market three years later. The core product the company markets is COUNTERPOINT®, currently installed in hundreds of automotive, industrial, marine supply and retail companies across Canada. Headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, the company has customers across the entire spectrum, from small single location parts distributors to large multi-location retailers. The common element is the corporate philosophy of delivering "Best-Fit" products backed by superior service.

Industry Specialists

Whilst the products the company provides are founded on technology the people who sell, service and support them all have industry knowledge. This starts with the sales representatives who are recruited from within their target industry, to the manager of support services who owned and operated a large parts store and machine shop facility before being lured into the world of high technology.

In addition, the company prides itself on the fact that it has maintained a balance between long term knowledge workers and younger technology specialists. This has ensured the adoption of new technology without the loss of focus on those customers we strive to serve.

Single Vendor Solution

The concept of a "turnkey" approach is designed to ensure a customer is never faced with being in the middle of any dispute over who or what services need to be provided. The modern computer system is complex, with integration of many products and components from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. It is the opinion of ams that, as a responsible vendor, putting together this puzzle is part of the value we add to the equipment and services we provide. This allows our customers to concentrate on their business whilst we concentrate on ours.

Financial Stability

One thing that should concern the consumer is the financial strength and stability of the company they are dealing with. This is the primary reason ams diversified into providing solutions to the retail industry many years ago, a way to ensure stability when one sector of the economy was weak. The management team saw this as both prudent and responsible, not a lack of commitment to one group of customers versus another. This approach has proven successful both financially as well as the leveraging of software development across both products, such as bar code and wireless technology.

Some Of Our Clients