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autoecat.com Electronic Catalogue Solution



Tightly integrated with COUNTERPOINT point-of-sale software, autoecat.com allows jobbers and installers of any size to quickly find the product they need and order it. In the fast-paced automotive industry you don't want to waste time, so let autoecat help you find the right part the first time.

However, autoecat.com isn't just auto parts. When integrated with COUNTERPOINT, autoecat.com acts as an information portal for your customers. From statement and invoice reprints to product delivery status, autoecat is a tool your customer can use to help themselves.


At the heart of the autoecat on-line portal, is our electronic catalogue utilizing the Autocare.org ACES vehicle standard, which allows us to update our catalogue every 7-14 days. Making us one of the most current electronic catalogues in the market.

autoecat.com doesn't just cover automotive aftermarket replacement parts either. We have millions of applications covering products for Power-sport, Marine, Medium/Heavy Duty and Performance/Appearance products.

With over 415 suppliers, 750 million application entries and 13 million interchanges (with more coming in each day), we are sure we have the parts you're looking to sell.

Industrial Catalogue

What about Oil, Tools and other non-application products?

Don't worry. autoecat.com paired with Counterpoint® allows you to catalogue those non-application products so that your customer's may purchase them on-line. Complete with images, product descriptions and specifications where possible, your customer's will be able to find the right tool without any problem.

Simple maintenance routines, coupled with automated Counterpoint® processes make the import of products easy.


You've got an odd-ball part in your hand, or your customer is giving you the number of a brand you don't stock. Utilizing autoecat's interchange database is your answer.

With over 15 million interchange parts, we are confident that you will be able to cross part numbers in most any scenario

Extra Product Info

The information you get doesn't stop with catalogue application comments, dig deeper into our Product Info database and pull up part specifications, warranty info, installation instructions and multi-media such as videos to help you ensure your customer always leaves with the right part.

Account Status

Calls for invoice reprints or statement questions? autoecat.com is more than just a catalogue. Sign your customer's up for their accounts login and allow them to see current account status and statement details as well as search and reprint invoices, all on-line.

In Addition, if you are utilizing our jDispatch module, customers can even see when their invoices left your building and get an estimated ETA for their parts.

Stock Orders

Aimed at streamlining your customer's repetitive orders, the autoecat.com stock order and standing order modules allow you to create pre-defined orders that your customers simply select quantities for and submit. Save your customer's the time of trying to remember which shop supplies they ordered last time and let them get the order to you quicker.

Order Review

Each order placed through autoecat.com OR Counterpoint® will be posted to the autoecat.com order review screen. This means that your customer's can always look back on their purchases, check items and even reprint a copy of the invoice.

In Addition, if you are utilizing our jDispatch module, customers can even see when their invoices left your building and get an estimated ETA for their parts.

Fluid Specifications

When a customer walks in to buy all the necessary product for an oil change, don't worry about having to go try and find our what viscosity is needed for their car. autoecat.com provides a full listing of all fluid specifications and grades, from engine oil to ATF fluid, you can feel confident that you have given your customer everything they need to do the job right

Along with fluid specifications, our specifications database can also provide service intervals, torque specifications and OE tire sizes

OEM Database

Take the autoecat.com interchange database to the next level with our comprehensive OEM part database. Complete with over 900,000 OEM part numbers and over 71,000,000 OEM applications, we can take that OEM number and provide you a full listing of possible fitment.

Vector Graphics

Customer trying to explain a part by it's proximity to another part, or position on a vehicle? With the autoecat Vector graphic database add-on, you can search for parts from one of our nearly 200,000 interactive graphics. Each graphic is unique to the make/model selected, and provides an easily viewable representation of the selected assembly, like brakes or suspension.

How to get Started

The process is as simple as calling our country wide toll free number today at 1-800-663-1978 and let ams put it's 40+ years of retail and automotive experience to work for you!

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