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Suitable for a variety of retail environments, including consumer electronics, sporting goods and music this derivative of the original product integrates to industry leading merchandizing systems for larger multi-location operations.

Our core product is trademarked COUNTERPOINT®, a fully integrated suite of software modules designed to automate all aspects of the Sales, Inventory, Purchasing and Financial control processes. COUNTERPOINT® is currently installed in hundreds of automotive, industrial, marine supply and heavy-duty equipment companies across North America.


The Sales Counter module provides a single point of entry for Sales Orders, Quotations, Special Orders, Returns, Warranties and Core control. In addition, the system allows for "single keystroke" access to such features as CARDEX inquiry, Product Search, Payments on account, Electronic Catalogue, Price Book and Buyers Guide, just to mention a few.

Add to these features the unique capability of the VIP customer management module, real-time credit control, core mark-up with automatic rounding, date driven specials, contract pricing and our patented "Profit Watch" monitor and what you have is a state-of-the-art system backed up by old fashioned service.

Inventory Control

The inventory system provides for a single or multi location operation with full bar code support. This allows for increased efficiencies at the POS as well as when receiving, transferring or counting stock. Tracking of non-stocked items allows for automated returns of unwanted product by the systems ability to determine suppliers invoice/document numbers in support of goods that are to be returned.


The replenishment of inventory is taken to a new level with the inclusion of "seasonal item" support. In addition, automated scheduled reorders, by line code or supplier, ensures maximum turns at the same time as maintaining high service levels. The integration of special orders automatically links incoming product with the waiting customer, all with a few simple keystrokes. In addition, the ongoing analysis of supplier fill rates, lead times and purchasing to accounts payable matching provide management with the tools to determine how any given supplier is performing.

Financial Systems

Nobody today can afford to have delays in knowing the financial health of their company. It is for this reason the COUNTERPOINT® system includes a financial reporting module. This eliminates unnecessary keying of data to other systems, with the resulting delays and lack of data integrity. This said, extraction of financial transactions into standard data formats for the outside accountant is quick and easy.


Automatic Product Recognition via the use of bar code scanning offers today’s greatest advance in efficiencies for the investment dollar. The ability to sell and receive product without error offers enormous benefits to the parts distributor handling tens of thousands of unique part numbers. The COUNTERPOINT® system utilizes these advantages throughout.


In today's world, an electronic catalogue is an integral part of any automotive point-of-sale system. At ams, we decided long ago that, in order to be able to offer the most cost effective, and flexible software to our customers, we would need to develop an in-house e-cat. This, autoecat was born.

Tightly integrated with COUNTERPOINT® point-of-sale software, autoecat allows jobbers and installers of any size to quickly find the product they need and order it. In the fast-paced automotive industry you don't want to waste time, so let autoecat help you find the right part the first time. We are always happy to demonstrate our product, or answer any questions you may have.

To date, autoecat boasts over 750 million application entries, representing over 450 aftermarket suppliers, and is updated almost weekly to ensure our customers have the most current catalogue possible on their counter.


Ensuring the product on the shelf is being sold at the right price is paramount to maintaining a healthy business. Our nightly automated price updates take the worry out of pricing your product.

We receive complete price lists from all of the major buying groups, as well as direct from most of the aftermarket suppliers. If you receive product from a vendor, rest assured we can integrate them into our automated price releases.


Thinking Retail

"Changing the Customer Mix"

The need to protect shrinking profit margins from increased competition has never been greater. If you are like most jobbers the percentage of your business that is cash ranges between ten and twenty percent. Cash sale transactions typically deliver significantly higher profit margins than wholesale customers, and you don’t have to deliver the product.

The problem is, until now, the only businesses equipped with the tools to service the cash customer, such as Automatic Customer Identification Systems and Preferred Customer Reward Programs, were Big Box Retailers. This is no longer the case, as you will see by reading on…

How it Woks

"Knowing your Customer"

The first rule of successful retailers is to Know Your Customer. The VIP program that has been developed by ams starts with identifying the cash customer. This is done by asking the customer for their telephone number, not uncommon for warranty handling etc. The system will automatically show their current home address from the Address Made Simple database, which contains more than 10 million Canadian residential telephone numbers.

This now allows regular cash customers to be identified for many purposes, such as special pricing and promotional activity. In addition, the customers VIP profile will allow for an e-mail address should they wish to receive notification of promotional activity and/or pricing electronically. The system also provides the jobber all the tools for direct mail marketing campaigns either through a mailing house or by doing it themselves.

The optional information the system can store, such as date of birth, allows flexible options for creative promotional programs, like those used by your Big Box Retail competitors, but still with the advantage of personalized service. The VIP card, when branded with your logo and other corporate information, provides credibility by its professional appearance.

Building Customer Loyalty

"Personalizing the Automotive Shopping Experience"

In addition to correct address information the VIP program offers another unique feature, capturing the ACES standard Car Code for their vehicle as an automatic by-product of utilizing the www.autoecat.com Electronic Catalogue when looking up parts for the customer. This ensures that they will then always receive the correct part for their vehicle, thereby reducing mistakes that cost customers. Another useful feature is that the system will retain complete detail of every purchase made by anybody who is part of the VIP customer program. This further increases your knowledge of their purchasing habits and increases their feeling of recognition.

How to get Started

The process is as simple as calling our country wide toll free number today at 1-800-663-1978 and let ams put it's 40+ years of retail and automotive experience to work for you!