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We don't just want to be your software vendor, we want to be a partner, providing you with complete IT solutions. From PC's to custom software, to an on-line presence for your business, we've got you covered.

How We Help

COUNTERPOINT Support Services

A key component to delivering successful high technology solutions is to ensure the customer never ends up in the middle of any technology based argument. This is why ams believes in the importance of a "single vendor solution". Business management systems are complex, with the integration of many products and components from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers. In the opinion of ams, it is our responsibility to put this puzzle together as part of the value added services we provide. This allows our customers to concentrate on their business whilst we concentrate on ours.


We at ams can provide all necessary services to ensure the successful implementation of your computer system, irrespective of whether you are a small, single location operator or a large, multi-location distributor. The modern computer system is complex, made up of equipment and services from a variety of vendors, and so the fact that ams "turnkey's" all installations avoids you becoming the "piggy in the middle". This means that ams can and will liaise with your other technology suppliers, such as Internet and Telephone, assisting in resolving problems on your behalf.

Equipment Installation & Set-up

Our Field Service group take responsibility for equipment installation and set-up. The coordination of other vendors and/or services becomes part of the implementation process, meaning it does not become your problem.

Software Installation & Training

Long before the new computer is installed our software support team starts planning what needs to be done so as to allow for a painless migration to COUNTERPOINT®.

Data Conversion

A major concern when considering a change of vendor is avoiding the loss of historical data, often critical in the management of customer relationships. It is a cornerstone of our implementation services that nothing is left behind when the old system is finally turned off.

System Support

No system is even worth it's weight without ongoing services and support being available 24X7. Those people involved in customer care represent better than 50% of our workforce, showing our total commitment to customer service, no matter when or how it is needed.


For those not finding everything they want in terms of functionality, or who require something changed along the way, we offer customization services that won't break the bank. In fact, in most cases, the enhancements can be provided without charge, provided it is agreed to allow them to become part of the standard product.

Ongoing Training

Statistics show that only a small percentage of a systems features are used, even a short time after implementation. To avoid the ongoing loss of knowledge ams offers a unique value proposition as part of our support package, free training for both existing and new employees for as long as you subscribe to support services. We believe that this benefits both our customers and ourselves in that there is a proven relationship between our cost-of-support and the quality and depth of the training we provide. For you the customer it is as simple as having your investment protected, all as part of our blanket support agreement that not only keeps your software current but your employees as well. All it takes is a call in to us and we can arrange web-based or on site training, depending on what your needs are.